Samford in Salamanca

| OCTOBER 2015 |

Good evening Gentle Readers,

Tonight, Amy and I bring you our trip to Salamanca — the first of many trips from our second year in Spain. Now, before you get super pumped about Amy’s amazeballs photos and my semi-generally amusing-ish anecdotes, I must confess that we’re in a bit of a jam with the blog. In a nutshell, we’re almost out of free space. And we have 20+ trips left to share. That’s thousands of Amy’s solid gold photos and thousands of my semi-generally amusing words. We would welcome a solution….from anyone….anywhere.

With that said, currently Amy and I are filtering through her tens of thousands of photos basically at the same speed that a bottom feeder fish feeds……BUT!

We have Salamanca ready.

For tonight’s showing, we have appearances made by Galicia’s Maggs Bear Savage, Madrid’s Austin A. and Patry, our Spanish university professor and dear friend.

Things to Know:

  1. Salamanca is a scholarly city. The foremost university in Spain is here, as are thousands of really confused looking exchange students. They wander the streets looking either like fearful mouses ( I read The Grinch today and if Seuss can say ‘mouses’ then baaaa humbug me too) or, they look like they’ve been hit with a wooden mallet….Spanish uni parties would put LSU parties to shame….
  2. Amy, Maggs, and I ate, bought jewelry, and cackled like a pack of rabid witches the entire weekend. There’s something healing about being with your favorite peoples (hum. bug.)
  3. We wanted to say thank you to Patry for being our tour guide and for her patience, smiles, and wisdom. Also, thank you for taking us partying. Hope we didn’t embarrass you.

Version 2
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Thanks for traveling with us!

k & a

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