Three-Day Guide to Firenze

Last year, after spending Christmas and New Year’s in Rome, we left for a long weekend in Firenze before returning to our adoring students in Spain.

Our itinerary for our 3.5 days in bella Firenze was nothing short of flawless, and we want to share it with you!

When you have Firenze on your travel list, doing a little research is prudent. Buy all tickets possible in advance – namely the Uffizi – and make sure to look up when museums and churches are open before you go!

In this post, Amy gives you her recommendations and commentary – she’s our in-house Italy expert.


Ponte Vecchio

You can’t come to Firenze and not experience this bridge! Picturesque and a great place to buy jewelry.


Piazza della Signoria

Even if you don’t do the Palazzo Vecchio tour, (the stately building pictured above. It has GREAT views of the Duomo and Cathedral! The next photo is proof.) at least hang out in the Piazza. Snap a photo with David or the Sabine Women. The Palazzo, like most museums, is free on the first Sunday of the month!



Duomo, Cathedral, Baptistry (!!), and Belltower

I put these all together but the Duomo and Baptistry YOU CAN’T MISS. Hence the Baptistry’s beautiful gold ceiling pictured above. You can climb the Duomo and personally see Brunelleschi’s handiwork on the way up! We can’t tell you what the Belltower is like because we haven’t done it. Buy the ticket that lets you see all the sights within 24 hours.


The Uffizi Gallery

BOOK AHEAD OF TIME or be very very patient. And dressed for the weather.


Bargello Museum

Famous squishy sculptures. Building is the site of the oldest seat of government in Firenze, built in the 1200s.


San Lorenzo Market

All kinds of Florentine goods, especially leather! (Photo from Amy’s 2013 summer in Italy.)


Basilica di Santa Croce

Where a lot of famous Italians are buried, e.g. Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, and Dante to name a few!


Bardini Gardens

Great views of the city, garden itself sparse in the winter though.


Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo

Absolute must!


Places to eat:

YOU MUST TRY Fiaschetteria La Mescita for fresh homemade pasta and AMAZING DESSERT. Also try Trattoria Zaza and Trattoria al Trebio.

We had such a wonderful experience in Firenze that we know we’ll be returning with as many of our friends in tow as possible.

Hope this inspires some Italian travel and appreciation!

Thanks for reading,

A and K

Spanish Word of the Day: mosca | fly

Song of the Day: Ojos Asi | Shakira 


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