Sunday at the Beach

Before Amy and I packed for our three day trip to Granada, we shook off life with a Sunday afternoon at the beach. Keep in mind as you scroll through these photos that these aren’t the sugar sand beaches of Florida, but smooth stoned beaches with sparkly sea glass and lurking sea urchins. (Cat and I toted home our weight in sea glass, too. Merry Christmas, Maggs.)

It’s the off-season here, thank gosh, so Cat and I were swimming solo, save for a few fish. I believe in moments like these, when we’re connected to nature, that life is most accurately in perspective. We are a part of an amazing natural world. Why can’t we remember that? Why aren’t we trying to see as much of it as we can? Why aren’t we trying to take care of it?

All are hard questions I’ve had to ask myself this week.














Granada photos to come! Thanks for reading.



Song of the Day: True Love | Coldplay 

Spanish Word of the Day: Arbusto | Bush


3 thoughts on “Sunday at the Beach

  1. Good to see a post from you! Beautiful pics (as always). I was actually thinking of you earlier tonight–Sherlock was on (the BBC version) and I remembered you share my love for Martin Freeman. (: Safe travels!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! More posts to come. We’re trying to get our lives under control…..AND I LOVE MARTIN FREEMAN. He is the absolute cutest. Amy and I rewatched all the Hobbit movies recently (instead of updating the blog) #priorities

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