I Missed the Bus: Tour of Fuente Álamo

Every Monday, the 3:30 bus from Fuente Álamo leaves at 3:20, and I go through a feral black period of about 15 minutes when I repeat Fudgeknucker quite loudly and plunk myself on the bus stop seat to glare at any passersby. My last class ends at 3:25, but I leave early to catch the bus, which stops right outside the school. I’ve missed it every time and have to take the 5:45 back to Cartagena.Luckily, something wonderful happens every Monday while I wait for the bus. Sometimes I have an artistic epiphany and draw something fantastic, or a stranger will come by and we’ll have a chat (and now I can actually chat in Spanish), or I’ll dream up something for the blog.

Today’s post represents the fruits of 2 hours of free time in Fuente Álamo. Keep in mind that 3:30 to 5:45 is prime siesta time so there are literally no people in this post. Sorry. We start our tour at the bus stop where I usually gleefully jump onto a bus heading far away from this sleepy hole-in-the-wall town.


This is my school, which is 12.3 steps from the bus stop. Why does she keep missing the bus you may ask…IT’S BECAUSE THEY LEAVE 10 minutes early. Maybe I am missing something….like get to the bus stop 15 minutes before the bus is supposed to arrive….


Headed toward town now, we’re walking along the dried up river that runs through town. Once a flowing stream, people use it for a running track now.


Four minutes later we’ve arrived in the center of town. I like its neglected look.





As we walk toward the outskirts, notice the small details that make Fuente Álamo unique. I wish you could smell the manure everyone puts on their crops….it’s 60 percent of the charm.










I had to include this photo because it sums up the emotional angst that’s always close to the surface in Spanish culture. “I only hope that some day you could forgive me. I love you.” You’d never see this written on a British wall, that’s for sure.


My walk didn’t encompass the whole city, but I do think these photos do Fuente Álamo justice. Also, I thought I’d share a few things that surprised me about working here.

1. The people who live here are wealthy. Farmers and miners make a nice living. I thought everyone here was struggling to feed themselves. Wrong.

2. The teacher who teach here live in the much larger and much more sophisticated city of Murcia. They’re classy, which doesn’t quite fit with the manure smell that permeates the air.

3. The kids here are mostly from surrounding villages so they consider Fuente Álamo the big town. *eye twitches*

I have a feeling there will be many questions about life here, so please post them in the comments and I’ll answer them! Thanks for reading.


Kate, SL

Song of the Day: Mushaboom | Feist

Spanish Word of the Day: Espeluznante | the only word that comes close to our “creepy”


4 thoughts on “I Missed the Bus: Tour of Fuente Álamo

  1. CATTT. I´m sorry for the struggles maybe we can figure out why you always miss it? Let´s keep in mind that it´s only happened twice, maybe there is a logical explanation for it…
    Anyways! These photos are lovely! I especially love every single door and window one. You have a lovely eye darling! See you after school!

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