Cabo de Palos



Last weekend Cat and I were invited to join a British-Spanish church service in Cabo de Palos, a village near La Manga. The night before we stayed out bar hopping and pulpo eating with Brent and Laeti, so waking up early to catch the train to Cabos was like squeezing a canoli through a straw….messy and uncomfortable. But we did it! And it was worth the struggle.


The leaders of the church, Irene and Jimmy, are an older Irish couple with a true passion for the Spanish people and culture. They invited us to both the English and Spanish services, and for a lamb-chop lunch at their home in La Manga, followed by a road trip through Cabo de Palos in their orange Renault.





Irene and Jimmy enjoyed telling us stories of Ireland over lunch, which Cat and I were on our best behavior for, especially during the passing of the food. It’s not everyday one has lunch with elderly Irish folk. Jimmy is from the Isle of Mann, and Irene is a historical author (who just happened to have two copies of her book, which I shamelessly asked her to sign) from Northern Ireland. After a walk to the beach in their neighborhood and lunch, we loaded ourselves and our newly signed books in the car and zipped all over Cabos with our new friends.


Vale, it was really bright.




Amy thought this sign was the best thing since gluten-free corndogs.



I plan on hanging this photo in my living room once I meet a nice Spanish man and settle down. Sorry, Mom.







Thanks for reading! More posts are coming soon. This last week was spent settling into our after school English tutoring jobs aka the Norway fund, and it temporarily took me away from blogging. Stay tuned!

Best, Kate, SL

Song of the Day: It’s Alright, Baby | Komeda

Spanish Word of the Day: La estufa | The stove

All photos by Amy Lucas


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