Spanish Words without English Equivalents


Discovering words with no English equivalent is one of the best parts of learning a new language, and with so many great Spanish ones, I thought I’d share. Also, I’ve added in more of Amy’s photos that haven’t yet made it to the blog.

1. To Saco Paco: To do something really fast and without thinking about it.

2. Mantenido: a poor, but attractive guy that attaches himself to rich women.


3. Abrigate: A command meaning “bundle up.”

4. Embalagarse: When you feel thirsty after eating too many sweets.




5. Sobremesa – The conversation you have with your family after a meal has ended.

6. Estrenar – Trying something on for the first time.



7. Vergüenza ajena – Mental discomfort surrounding the actions of someone else that doesn’t directly affect you, but is embarrassing.

8. Friolento – Someone who is very sensitive to the cold.

DSC_0494 And there you have them! Thanks for reading.


Kate, SL

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8 thoughts on “Spanish Words without English Equivalents

  1. Soy friolentaaaaaa!
    ALSO, love the new format!! *winky*wink
    Thank you for featuring my photos. We make an excellent team. In so many ways! So glad we’re in this together!

  2. First, your new blog format is beautiful! And second, I now have a Spanish word for all those things I do mindlessly (working on that with meditation!). Saco paco! And last I experience number 7 all the time. Who knew there was a name for it! 🙂

  3. My reaction to every one of these was “THERE’S A WORD FOR THAT??” Fabulous. Love you ladies so much! Looks like you’re having a grand time!

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