Hooks, Mailboxes, and A Fish Taco: A Day in the Life


Yes, Amy has a rope with a hook. Yes, we threw it over the side of our apartment like it was a sinking ship, and yes, Paco the landlord was involved. Get comfy kids, I’m about to share with you a story of a day in the life.

After a wonderfully busy day at school, I came home to Cat (which is like coming home and finding an elf named Sugarplum Softears in your kitchen baking snicker-doodles and finishing all your laundry) and promptly hopped into my pajamas. Ole’ Softears started us on a Lord of the Rings Trilogy Marathon a few days ago, and I was content to settle down and continue where we’d left off. Then the door bell rang.

You know those moments of almost exquisite bad-timing? Like you sit down to dinner and just as you pick up your fork the phone rings, or you finally get home from a long trip and the second you walk in the door people jump out and yell surprise? Whenever Paco graces our doorstep this happens. Luckily, what I groaned at initially turned into a great story for you guys.

Paco aka Fish Taco busts in and takes about 45 minutes to change the locks, fix a light, and do enough chattering to rival a group of American tweens with a juicy scandal on their hands. I think he just likes people our age because he loves to hang on the couch and watch Spanish gameshows with our flatmates. Anyway, we had finally gotten Paco toward the door when he remembers he left our mailbox key in his car five floors down. Amy offers to walk down with him and bring it up (what a giver,) but Paco waves her off and pulls an extremely long rope with an attached hook out of a cabinet and instructs us to throw it over the side to lift the key up. This brings me to explain this truly odd side of Paco who creatively solves problems when there wasn’t really a problem to begin with. Maybe he’s trying to stay relevant in a world he basically doesn’t understand…he struggled with the concept of WI-FI initially. Or maybe his idea of problems are just cultural differences. I’m not sure, but I did capture the key affair and Paco on camera.

Phase 1 of Operation Fish Taco: Paco gets the key from his car.


Phase 2: Amy lowers the 50 foot long rope with hook. She didn’t do it fast enough so Paco got antsy, but I was affirming her from the side.


Phase 3: Paco attaches key and doesn’t stay to see if the key makes it back up. I found that odd.


Phase 4: We hold our breaths as the key comes up. We had a scare as a neighbor’s child on the third floor eyed our key with interest.


Phase 5: Key makes it over the rail. Neighbors clap.




Just a day in the life. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Hooks, Mailboxes, and A Fish Taco: A Day in the Life

  1. However many years I have left on this earth, I will never understand the way that man’s mind works. I said I will go down with you to get the key, but Paco said “Nooooooooo, let’s use the rope.” BAHAHA.
    P.S. Possibly one of our best posts yet.

  2. Indeed! I am a few days delayed in reading this wonderfully crafted and insightful blog and taking in the beautiful scenic pics. However, I must say today was the perfect day to receive a heartfelt chuckle! You guys are awesome!

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