First Day of School in Fuente Álamo

First day of school as teachers was the most fun Amy and I’ve had since we discovered how many churros we could scarf down without losing our lunches….(a tale for another day.) Seriously, it was a blast. Fuente Álamo has maybe 20,000 people. Maybe. Meaning it’s still big enough to get lost in, but small enough not to panic about it. Here’s a nice aerial shot I stole from the Internet:


We arrived an hour late (but it’s Spain so no one cares) with our new friend and fellow Auxiliar, Brent. He’s very kind, laughs easily, and is from California so he makes us feel groovy. Please disregard the struggled woman who also made it into our photo. Possibly not her best angle.


And here’s a shot of the backside of my school with the other English professors. I taught two classes of twelve year olds today, and was only asked for my favorite fútbol team and if I had a boyfriend…..priorities of Spanish children. Amy works in a primary and middle school in Fuente Álamo, and I work in the high school. It feels weird to hang in the teacher’s lounge, use professors only bathrooms, and speak mostly Spanish with colleagues, but it’s nothing a good sense of humor and a bit of courage can’t handle.


Amy and I came home thinking how excited we were to spend a year with these students in our cow country pueblo. But we’re mostly excited that we’re fifteen minutes away from the beach. Tomorrow we head to Murcia for teacher orientation aka how we get paid! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.


Kate, SL

Song of the Day: Un Homme Et Une Femme | Claudine Longet

Spanish Word of the Day: Achuchar | to hug someone to the point that they can´t breathe


6 thoughts on “First Day of School in Fuente Álamo

  1. And I didn’t think I could love this blog any more than I already did. Silly me. Not her best angle. Yes, that must be it.

  2. Lovin’ the pictures! Lovin’ the blog! Glad you clarified the aerial picture! I was concerned that beloved brother was doing a fly-over!!!

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