Spain: How To Fit In


1. Wear perfume or cologne. The Spaniards are serious when it comes to scents, so if you don’t smell like the lovechild of a strawberry and a peach that just hurled cotton candy all over a field of lavender, then just stay home.


2. Put thought into what you wear. Everyone’s style is different, but the Spanish know what looks good on them. Even the elderly population has some serious style. Plus, the majority of high heel wearers I’ve observed are over the age of 45.


3. Work the walk. The Spanish strut is possibly the funniest and most underappreciated element of Spanish identity. Everyone walks in a confident manner, but it’s tailored to the individual. I’ve tried coaching Cat, but her speedy Peruvian gait is a done-deal. I’ve been practicing in secret though: on the way to the kitchen, up and down the shower, down the actual street.



4. Say “Vale” or “Venga.” Both the English equivalents of “ok.” It’s been said in almost every conversation I’ve participated in.

5. Take that siesta. Possibly the best idea in humanity’s history, the siesta, from around 12-5 (depends on your business,) is a time for night owl Spaniards to catch up on sleep or have a long lunch with family. Here, the siesta is a human right.  


6. Speak with a deep voice. Men, women, and children all have amazingly deep voices. I’ve found that lowering your voice helps you pronounce Spanish phonetics, so when I transition from my deep Spanish speaking voice to my high squeaky English speaking voice it gets hairy.

7. Watch fútbol. It’s a REALLY big deal here. It’s almost a religion. So after days of deliberation, Amy and I chose to cheer for Barcelona. There’s no going back now.

For those of you considering a trip to Spain take these tips and run with them!!

And thanks for reading.


Kate, SL

Song of the Day: Adam Levine | Lost Stars

Spanish Word of the Day: Las gafas del sol | Sun glasses

Also, the air drying of clothes from the fifth floor is Amy’s specialty IMG_1490 All photos except the laundry one by Amy Lucas


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