Evening Stroll through Old Cartagena

DSC_0380Photo credit: Amy Lucas

After the sun plunked into the Mediterranean, Amy and I ventured toward Old Cartagena, where archeologists are still peeling layers of history from the earth. The Roman festival remains in full swing there, and we dodged groups of scantily clad “Romans” and “Carthaginians, “ who invade the streets at sundown. Spanish people are all attractive—young, old, thin, fat—they just win. Plus, they speak this gorgeously fluid Spanish (unlike Valenciano), making them even more attractive. Cat and I are trying our darndest to fit in, but they know…….

DSC_0375 Photo credit: Amy Lucas

Amy has me jabbering in Spanish every second, and I’ve made more progress in three days than I have in three years. Seriously, give me another month or so and we’ll really be somewhere. I carry a notebook in my purse and scribble away after a conversation, or lesson from Cat. She’s been the most encouraging friend.

And speaking of friends, pictured here is Flat Hoot. Some of my nearest and dearest flattened themselves for traveling purposes. Hoot’s the first to be featured. Here she attempted flying to a balcony…but never quite made it.


Sorry, Hoot. We’ll try again another day.


On the outskirts of Old Cartagena are the remains of a Roman fortress, one of many surrounding the city, which we climbed for the views. It reminded me of Don Quijote’s windmill.


Here’s me on the way up.

DSC_0365Photo credit: Amy Lucas

And Cat taking in the views at the top.


Old Cartagena sits on the water, and we took a leisurely stroll along the sea docks until my sweat mustache returned. We’ve decidedly fallen in love with Cartagena, and have officially found an apartment! Visitors: come one (at a time), come all!

Thanks for reading!


Kate, SL

Song of the day: Clean Bandit | Come Over

Spanish Word of the Day: El colchón | Mattress


2 thoughts on “Evening Stroll through Old Cartagena

  1. Toots! Girl, Carl is still grieving she didn’t get to say goodbye to you! I talked with her yesterday, and she spent a whole 16 minutes with me on the phone! I love the learning attitude! Keep on learning and making the best of an amazing opportunity!

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