Finding an Apartment in Spain


Today’s goal was to begin looking for an apartment, but little did we know we’d find a fantastic one straightaway. After looking at two “pisos” we found one at a wonderful price, with a wonderful landlord, view, and neighborhood, and we’re in the process of negotiating details with landlord Francisco, who is literally S.Z. Sakall (for those of you familiar with classic movies.) Watch the first 30 seconds of this for a good explanation or cackle, and please pray for our apartment hunt. Nothing is set in stone.

We (Amy, me, and sweat mustache) also took time to explore our new city, stopping in Old Cartagena for the beautiful plazas and parks. We haven’t made it to the beach yet, but tomorrow beckons with promise.

DSC_0357 Photo Credit: Amy Lucas

DSC_0358 Photo Credit: Amy Lucas

New things we learned today: 1. People here take weekends and siesta times REALLY seriously–all businesses close including grocery stores and gas stations. So if you are hungry or need gas for your tiny Fiat or Peugeot…you will basically die. 2. This video describes Spanish culture so much better than I can with words. I have spent all day laughing at this. All. Day. 3. Amy innately knows where food can be found. She’s a bloodhound.


And she usually takes us straight to the meat. Look at that ham. Sweet nuggets. We’ve eaten so well.

DSC_0363 Photo credit: Amy Lucas

Thanks for reading!


Kate, SL

Song of the day: Bastille | Of the Night

Spanish Sentence of the Day: Me gusta manejar hacia atrás | I like to drive backwards.


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