After The Grand Budapest Hotel, About Time, The Breakfast Club, and a drug induced nap, I arrived in Amsterdam a little more travel hardened than before. The man seated next to me jerked so violently in his sleep that he knocked any liquid I was holding out of my hands. The resulting sloshes of tea and water were so commonplace after hour four that I just let them come. Upside: the tea left stains with a remarkable likeness of Brazil. Also, each of those movies listed are fantastic. Seriously, find some time to watch those.

I arrived in Valenica twelve hours before Amy, who is now safely here and sleeping peacefully, so I ventured forth alone in search of our bed and breakfast. Struggling like the biggest tourist, I attempted to ask a taxi driver if he was free, but it came out “are you book?” It was the kind of moment that makes you want to transform into a potato and roll yourself out into a street filled with racing Fiats. The resulting splat would at least come quickly…..

But I did it!! We communicated in a really incorrect and possibly offensive Spanglish, and I figured my way here. Marcel dropped me off in Calle Masquefa (pictured below) and I walked down the street trying to read the numbers on the houses.


After knocking on several doors, I now know: 1. Spanish people are literally the kindest. People went out of their way to help me, or maybe they just wanted me to get the heck out of their door way. 2. I underestimated the laxness of Spanish time. Ana, the owner of the bed and breakfast, said I could come at 12pm. I was there at 12:08 and no one was here. So I’m going to have to re-recalibrate my concept of time. (I thought eight minutes would considered late. Nope. Nope. Nope.)

But for a first day I did pretty well. AND I showered in a room with a bidet.

Tomorrow we hit the market in our neighborhood and then take the train to Cartagena. Thank you for following our travels and for your prayers and kind words. It means so much to both of us.


Kate, SL

Spanish word of the day: Libre | Free (not book)

Song of the day: Annette Hanshaw | I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling

Also, I thought a snapchat from Wing would brighten everyone’s day.



4 thoughts on “Valencia

  1. Literally LOVE this. I can already tell I am going to a) love this blog so much and likely find much laughter and joy from it and b) have the time of my life when I visit!!!!

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