Getting to Cartagena


This morning Cat and I awoke to a cool breeze from our balcony window and the cheerful clanging and cursing that accompanies a typical Valencian market. Outside people were setting up tents for a Catholic festival (there are literally hundreds of festivals a year), and we struck out in search of Spanish brunch, found in the form of Paella.

This was the most relaxing portion of our day. The rest was akin to cartwheeling into a crate of dynamite.

After brunch and a leisurely stroll around the festival, we turned in our keys, and walked five blocks to the metro with all our luggage like rented mules. My sweat mustache was glistening brightly, and we were both bruised and in pain upon arrival. But we did it!! And I realized living in air conditioning (as I am accustomed to) is baaaaad news beavers because our bodies don’t learn to sweat efficiently if we live in consistently cool air. Amy, who is from the jungles of Peru, sweats beautifully, and I confess to sweat envy. Nary a drop fell from her brow, and I looked like I fell in the church fountain. Here’s a photo from Ecuador 2012. Can you see the sweat running down my shirt? Please tell me that’s normal.

306951_4252466875576_136566866_n copy

We stumbled on the metro with a year’s worth of luggage, up one staircase, down another, up another, down another, and right before I was suicidal we reached the train station, and got on the right train. Three hours and some really glorious scenery later we arrived in Cartagena and were whisked away by Jesus and his girlfriend to our new bed and breakfast. Currently, Cartagena is having its annual Roman festival, which celebrates Cartagena’s Roman history. So the people dress as gladiators and line the streets for a huge fiesta (pictured below.) I think we love Cartagena, and we haven’t even seen the beach yet.


Cat and I are about to watch a movie, eat Jesus’s rice, and soak our sore muscles with olive oil and ice. My head is stuffed with new Spanish words, but there’s a long way to go.

Thanks for reading!


Kate, SL

Song of the day: Daddy Yankee | Pose

Spanish word of the Day: Cubitos de hielo | Ice cubes


2 thoughts on “Getting to Cartagena

  1. One day, you will sweat proficiently too Kat! It won’t take long :).
    ALSO I am dreading the day we have to move all of our bags. Again. And again. Up and down. We need to hire personal bellhops. That will follow us anywhere.

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