The Journey Begins


“At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Flight attendants and Cabin Crew, please prepare for gate departure.”

Oh no, no, no, no! Let me out! I’ve made a TERRIBLE mistake!

I had to lean my head against the window while dread and excitement all rolled into one really uncomfortable package hit me in waves (could this be compared to the joy of giving birth?) I know moving to Spain, learning the language, and figuring out how Spanish women are so confident is going to be hard at first, but my little bundle of joy is going to change my life, right? I hope so.

Instead of trying to claw my way from the plane why don’t I tell you a little about myself and about this blog?

I’m Kate, and I am moving to Spain to teach English for a year through the Auxiliares de Conversación program. Lucky for me, one of my best friends from college -Amy, also known as Cat- got the same grant, and BY THE GRACE OF THE UNIVERSE we were placed together in a small city on the southern coast called Cartagena. Talk about lucky.

This blog is to celebrate the journey into Spanish culture through stories and photos. I might make a few lists too. Blog readers seem to enjoy reading lists.

Here’s good photo of Cat and I together. I’m camera shy, which is ironic because Amy is a professional photographer. See her work here. 227426_10150240794746014_6781920_n

Before ever stepping foot on this plane, Cat and I went through months of planning, packing, and paperworking (that’s what I’ve named the unfortunate process of obtaining a visa.) I’d rather slide down a banister of razor blades and drop into a pool of lemony alcohol than paperwork again. Famous last words, I know.

Here’s me packing a year into one large suitcase and a backpack AKA Operation Minty Hippo. Amy’s packing was too gruesome to show……DSCF2570

And here’s a picture of my dog, Gracie, not caring whether I live or die. I’m really going to miss that cupcake.DSCF2134

After the traveler’s version of “buyer’s remorse” wears off I know I’ll be peeing my pants with excitement. So many funny, wonderful, and embarrassing things are going to happen.

In the meantime, the bald guy in 20B and I are going to continue to exchange awkward glances while we wait in the peasant section for our beverages. If you have advice, a story, or a thought please comment below. I’d love to hear! And thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.


Kate, SL

Spanish Word of the day: Erizo | Hedgehog

Song of the day: Angus & Julia Stone | Wherever You Are


6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Yay! I’m the very first comment! This all sound very familiar, via Mr. Snarky. The days immediately before leaving for the southwest were filled with anxiety and fear. We knew things are bad when he asked us “Do you think I’m doing the right thing? When we took him to the airport he was convinced he was making a terrible mistake. In Dallas, halfway to his destination he almost cashed in his ticket and came home. They were offering 300 dollars for someone to give up their seat. He would have made money on the deal. But as he descended into the desert at twilight with a thunderstorm rolling across the horizon his sense of adventure returned. Now he’s living in a house with some Swedish girls so I’m pretty sure things are looking up. 🙂 You will be at home in no time and I have no doubt everyone will love you. Happy travels!

  2. So looking forward to following you on your adventure. I was 20 when I flew to Italy, unknown to me at the time I,d be there just shy of three yrs. I was petrified and in culture shock…and then love! You are your Daddy,s girl, you will thrive and grow, and maybe meet some Spanish hotties! Following….

  3. You’re going to kill it girl! I’m glad I’ll be able to live this experience somewhat vicariously through you! Stay safe and remember that we all love you…even Carl! Also, remember there may be double jeopardy in Spain…just saying.

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