Samford in Salamanca

| OCTOBER 2015 | Good evening Gentle Readers, Tonight, Amy and I bring you our trip to Salamanca — the first of many trips from our second year in Spain. Now, before you get super pumped about Amy’s amazeballs photos and my semi-generally amusing-ish anecdotes, I must confess that we’re in a bit of a jam […]

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| JANUARY 2016 | Hello Gentle Reader, In early January Amy and I went to Jaén with Maggs and Sergio, our favorite roommate from last year in Cartagena. During this trip I was mentally working through some insecurities with my writing. The following blog post was taken from notes I scribbled on napkins and museum brochures I […]

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Toledo | Madrid

| MARCH 2015 | Five years ago, during my first year at Samford, I met a bosom friend named Aubry Daman. Funny, intelligent, creative, she was someone that I wanted to get to know, and from the first it felt like we’d always been friends. Within a few weeks, in true Kate nickname-giving tradition, I’d bestowed […]

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| FEBRUARY 2015 | Greetings Gentle Reader, For the second post on Córdoba I am thrilled to present our first interview here on Suitcase Lioness! Today’s guest is Guadalupe P. – a teacher I work closely with in our bilingual school. She’s a brilliant educator, a former archeologist of Córdoba, a kick-ass amateur photographer, and a […]

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Palacio de Viana, Córdoba

| FEBRUARY 2015 | Hello again, Gentle Reader. Let’s pick up where we left off: Córdoba. Talk about a historically complex and overwhelmingly beautiful place. It’s almost intimidating to talk about because there’s just so much to say (Guadalupe this is for you.) A while ago, Amy and I had a small conference as we were horking […]

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| FEBRUARY 2015 | Dear Reader, We are back in Spain! Moved in and settling into our new town, Adra, or, as I like to call it, Spanish Mayberry. More on Adra later, for now Cat and I are picking up where we left off in the blog posts. Our last, Màlaga, is followed by […]

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