Samford in Salamanca

| OCTOBER 2015 | Good evening Gentle Readers, Tonight, Amy and I bring you our trip to Salamanca — the first of many trips from our second year in Spain. Now, before you get super pumped about Amy’s amazeballs photos and my semi-generally amusing-ish anecdotes, I must confess that we’re in a bit of a jam […]

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| JANUARY 2016 | Hello Gentle Reader, In early January Amy and I went to Jaén with Maggs and Sergio, our favorite roommate from last year in Cartagena. During this trip I was mentally working through some insecurities with my writing. The following blog post was taken from notes I scribbled on napkins and museum brochures I […]

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Toledo | Madrid

| MARCH 2015 | Five years ago, during my first year at Samford, I met a bosom friend named Aubry Daman. Funny, intelligent, creative, she was someone that I wanted to get to know, and from the first it felt like we’d always been friends. Within a few weeks, in true Kate nickname-giving tradition, I’d bestowed […]

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| FEBRUARY 2015 | Greetings Gentle Reader, For the second post on Córdoba I am thrilled to present our first interview here on Suitcase Lioness! Today’s guest is Guadalupe P. – a teacher I work closely with in our bilingual school. She’s a brilliant educator, a former archeologist of Córdoba, a kick-ass amateur photographer, and a […]

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Palacio de Viana, Córdoba

| FEBRUARY 2015 | Hello again, Gentle Reader. Let’s pick up where we left off: Córdoba. Talk about a historically complex and overwhelmingly beautiful place. It’s almost intimidating to talk about because there’s just so much to say (Guadalupe this is for you.) A while ago, Amy and I had a small conference as we were horking […]

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| FEBRUARY 2015 | Dear Reader, We are back in Spain! Moved in and settling into our new town, Adra, or, as I like to call it, Spanish Mayberry. More on Adra later, for now Cat and I are picking up where we left off in the blog posts. Our last, Màlaga, is followed by […]

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| FEBRUARY 2015 | Greetings readers, hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer! Amy and I are getting ready to head back to Spain with our friends Maggs and Homey, and we’re absolutely scrambling to get these blog posts to you before we return for more. (No worries, seeing Amy scramble is one […]

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Japan, Japan…such a complex and intriguing country! Amy here, very excited to share my family trip to Japan with you, dear readers. I love being a tri-cultural fusion of Japan, Peru, and America, where the biggest perk is getting to visit and immerse myself in all those countries! This summer my Japanese family (grandparents, immediate family, and […]

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Picture it readers: February in Spain. The weather is developing into a truly buxom spring, and Cat and I are ready to break free of our scholarly shackles and feel the grit of the open road in our mouths again. Crunch, crunch. It was a beautiful Friday morning, and we were up early rushing to pack […]

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